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Postcrossing : A New Hobby

Bonjour mes amis..........
Je revenis a ma blog. Voici , Je vais racontre ma loisir nouvelle. Oui , " Postcrossing"  Tu comprenez ?

Postcrossing is an activity where we can exchange many postcards from another country. The interesting thing of this activity is we don't know before , where the postcard come from or who is the sender of the postcard. Yeah , It's lika a surprised gift.

I've joined this activity / hobby since December 2013. Actually , I've do the similar activity with postcrossing. YEah , It is stamp collecting. When I was a student at Elementary School and Intermediate School, I love collecting many stamps. I got these stamps from my friend in Japara. She is Kiky. I sent many letters to her and her friend, so I collected stamps from them. But my stamps is still Indonesian stamp. Hehe... But I am very happy, and I make an album of those stamps with my sister. YEah, A Hand Made Album.Xixixxixi

Back to postcrossing.....
If you will do this activity, you can join / register in www.postcrossing.com. After that you must fill about your identity, and the most important thing is your adress where you will receive the postcard later. You must write the adress clear and right, and you can follow the example of adress writing from this website. Yeah It is very simple and sympa (sympa = menyenangkan ..francaise). After you fill your identity correctly, you can request the adress where you will send your postcard. Don't forget to read all the FAQ of this website. After that you will received an adress for the destination of your postcard in your email registration. Before you buy and send the postcard in the post office, please read the personality / profil of the receiver because sometimes there is a man or a woman that request specific postcard, for example, she likes colourful things, flowers, natural, vintage, scenery, nationality symbol of your country, and etc. If you have known how's the postcard who they want, just buy and write your postcard. Don't forget to write the code / postcard ID. We know the postcard ID  near the adress destination in our email. Please don't write the ID near the stamp beacause there is a risk , the ID is not visible. After you finish your postcard, just send it in the nearest post office. For your Information, in my city, Yogyakarta, If you will send a postcard to Europe, you should   use stamp minimal value  Rp. 7500,00 , and Rp. 8000, 00 for USA. Your postcard can arrive in the destination place about 1-2 months, but It's not exact time.

That's all procedure , how to send a postcard in postcrossing activity. And then if you received the postcard , what will you do ? Voici les informations ....
You must check the identity / ID number of the postcard. And then register your postcard in menu : sent postcard in the website www.postcrossing.com. So you will find the picture of this postcard. It's magic. hahaaha

Okay, for the example I've received a postcard from Rusia...These are my activities in postcrossing. HAha just new comer...

Your mailbox

» Sent1 postcard

» Received1 postcard

» Traveling3 postcards out of 5 

Tip: Increase your sent postcards to 5 to be able to have 6 postcardstraveling at the same time. Learn why.

» Sent distance: 11,291 km (7,016 miles)

» Received distance: 10,350 km (6,431 miles)

Look, this is my first post card

The first postcard from Belarus

The first postcard to Germany

I hope someday in 2014, I will get postcard from Paris (France), Saudi Arabia, London, Japan....Amiin ...Haha can't wait those all....................

Hmmmm That's all infoemation about postcrossing. Have you joined this or will you join this.....It's really amazing, pleasant, and interesting. Try this................:)

Note : don'f forget to have budget for this hobby hahaha yeyey lalala yeyeye kucek kucek jemur jemur *Ala D**sy*t. Bye bye. Au revoir. Je vais venir , bientot .....

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