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Klenteng Sam Poo Kong, Visit Jawa Tengah, Wonderful Indonesia

Hello Indonesia,, Hello everyone ! How's life today ?

Now, I will talk about tourism place (again) :D. Have you heard about a place named “Klenteng Sam Poo Kong” ? Ya , It is one of tourism places in Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia. It is located on Simongan Street, Semarang. If you go to Semarang, don’t be hesitate to visit this place. This place is crowded enough in Saturday and Sunday..Hmm..It’s no problem.

Sam Poo Kong is not only tourism place, but also a vihara for Chinese people here (Indonesian people usually call them Tionghoa , and the place is named “Klenteng”). You can go to this place by public transportation such as minibus (“angkot”) and taxi.  The entry ticket is also very cheap for you.
There are some buildings there. You can take many photos in front of those buildings. All buildings have some characteristics such as ,mostly  red and yellow colour, dragon statue and relief, lampion, and the other ornaments, like Chinese model building.  You know, there is a big statue in front of those buildings. It is a statue of Laksamana Zheng Hee. Laksamana Zheng He (Laksamana Cheng  Ho) is an admiral from China. Sam Poo Kong ,located in Gedung Batu  is a first landing place of Laksamana Zheng He.  He made a voyage from China to Indonesia through ocean. Laksamana Zheng  He gave many change and influence here. A literature explain that Laksamana Cheng  Ho is a moslem. It’s evidenced by a moslem symbol there but people call Laksamana  Cheng Ho as a God (Dewa). Therefore , people use that place for praying.  Don’t forget to take  your picture in front of Laksamana Zheng He,, okay ?

A statue of Laksamana Zheng He 

You also can take photos by using Chinese costume. There is a booth that rents some costume. You can choose some packages (the costume  and photos). There  is a photographer  from booth who will take your photos in front of that building.  Then you can get your pictures with Chinese costume.

Can't wait for visiting Sam Poo Kong...? It is very recommended for you to spend your holiday :D
Happy holiday !!!

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Lokasi: Semarang, Semarang City, Central Java, Indonesia

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